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Windows 10: This Is the New Logo

It seems that Microsoft is coming with a brand new coat of paint for its Windows 10. Redmond company has uncovered the fantastic logo and the icon overhaul, which will meet about 100 different icon changes in color and shape.

This new look is part of Microsoft’s plans to modernize the operating system and the only services with the Fluent Design design, which will also come in handy for iOS and Android users in the future. So you’re probably asking yourself what’s changed with the Windows 10 logo. Well, the design is not that changed. We still have the four-paneled window. We know that it had shades of white and blue, but now, the color is different.

In the new logo, we’re getting a different shade in every panel in the window. The icons are clearly better with this update, and it’s something different than the design language we all knew, which dominated the PCs in the Windows 8 era. There are no more geometric shapes and block colors, and no gradients found in the operating system.

The new logo will be available for Windows 10 and Windows 10X, which is the new version of the operating system, which was designed especially for dual-screen devices, which let windows work on two display panels. The same goes for the soon-to-hit-the-market Microsoft Surface Neo.

At the moment, Windows in a mess when it comes to design, with icons that remained in their original form for decades, even if other features got updated. Microsoft wants to change all the features with the Fluent Design model. The new Fluent Design model will also bring its operating system in line with everything that can be found in its online versions of the app on Android and iOS.





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