Windows 10 v1909 and v1903 Update Brings Significant Bug Fixes

Microsoft still has trouble convincing its users to migrate to Windows 10. After a glorious history of eleven years, Windows 7 is officially out of the game since January when Microsoft stopped offering support for its most popular operating system.

Windows 10 seems now as the most reliable and efficient operating system created by Microsoft, and the giant corporation headquartered in Washington brings two extra patches for v1909 and v1903 of its latest operating system. Being just a cumulative update that it’s optional, the users will have to install it by checking for updates in the Settings app. Otherwise, no notification will emerge for the update.

No new features

Users of Windows 10 might be disappointed about the update, as it brings no new features. Instead, it provides bug fixes, which is also great. The update takes the OS Builds to 18362.815(v1903) and 18363.815(v1909). Now, let’s see the highlights of what the update brings for its users:

  • Solves an issue that prevented certain apps from opening after the user upgrades from a previous version of Windows, and it appears a Bad Image error.
  • Solves an issue that turns off notifications for devices that are using a virtual private network (VPN) on a cellular network.
  • Solves an issue that causes Windows Update to stop responding when the user checks for updates.
  • Solves an issue that fails to print content that is beyond the margins of a document.
  • Solves an issue that prevents the user from resuming a Microsoft Xbox game on a Windows device after he upgrades from a previous version of Windows.
  • Solves an issue that brings a text box that contains multiple lines of text to stop responding in certain situations.

As the internet is thriving with speculations and rumors about a possible Windows 11 or Windows 20, the truth may be a lot different. The more realistic and possible scenario is that Microsoft will keep improving its Windows 10 rather than bringing a completely new operating system. The only problem is that the giant tech company has many users to convince about letting go of Windows 7.

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