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Windows 10X Will Run on All Types of Screens, New Reports Suggest

According to Microsoft, Windows 10X operating system is going to be available on single-screen laptops, Ultrabooks, as well as notebooks. It looks like Windows 10X operating system was not explicitly designed for the foldable computing devices, but also for the multi-screen devices.

Windows 10X is an improved and optimized version of the Windows 10 operating system, so let’s find out what that implies. The company has created Windows 10X, by modifying the already existing full-fledged Windows 10, in order to run and better function on foldable displays or multi-screen computing devices.

However, Microsoft is hinting at Windows 10X OS being functional on single-screen devices as well. That means that the company is planning on making the latest Windows version available on single-screen devices too.

Windows 10X Release Date

Microsoft is planning to bring Windows 10X on laptops and single-screen products. The reason the company is looking to make this move is because of the rapidly changing usage patterns of these devices due to the outbreak situation

Since most people are on lockdown, it means that the usage of computers, desktops, laptops, and other portable devices is in high demand. Since most of these devices are running on the Windows Operating System, Microsoft sees an opportunity to make a move.

Looking at the numbers, we can see that the usage of Windows 10 is increasing yearly, and it reached 75%, according to Microsoft. This report means that people are still using their laptops or PCs a lot. However, the usage patterns differ from user to user, from working, gaming, or content consumption.

Windows 10X Features

At first, Microsoft intended Windows 10X to be for dual-screen devices, such as Surface Neo, for example. However, this version of OS is not as comprehensive as the Windows 10 operating system. But, Windows 10X offers a modern interface, which makes it easier for users to use. Plus, the company’s plan for the original Windows 10 is to update it to be available on various screen types.

Hence, the Windows 10X comes with better features that enhance the multiple-screen and foldable devices functionality, such as improved basics. Like multitasking, using the Start menu, and quick access to settings, for example.



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