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Windows 20 New Concept OS Available to Try

We’re a quarter of a year away from the day when Microsoft stopped providing support for its good old Windows 7. After more than a decade of glorious domination, Windows 7 was shut down for good, meaning it receives no more updates or technical support. Microsoft did the most obvious thing after this: it started to encourage people to make the shift to Windows 10.

But everybody admits that Windows 10 has its flaws, even though it’s considered the most advanced operating system and it’s regularly updated by Microsoft with improvements and bug fixes. Besides, you are free to not like Windows 10 because of your personal reasons. That’s where Windows 20 comes into the scene, a concept OS that may become a reality in the future.

Elegant and efficient

The renowned concept creator Kamer Kaan Avdan presents a video where he showcases how Windows 20 might look like, the hypothetical successor of Windows 10:

If you like the tiles added by Microsoft for its operating systems starting Windows 8, the theoretical Windows 20 has them, and it also brings upgraded features like customisable taskbar, multiple taskbars, a redesigned tablet mode, and more. A lot of people might say that Windows 10 has them all when it comes to design and features, but Avdan proves them wrong. Hopefully, the video will inspire Microsoft to bring new ideas for its current or next operating system. Several sources are claiming that Microsoft won’t release another Windows, as it prefers instead to update Windows 10 regularly.

Still using Windows 7 in these times includes plenty of risks, although it was considered the best operating system made by Microsoft. However, you need a strong antivirus if you’re willing to take the risk, as the online environment is thriving with malicious software that can steal your data or even block the access to your files.



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