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Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Lens in One App. Am I Dreaming?

Microsoft has released a public preview of a brand new Office for mobile devices, which combine Excel, PowerPoint, and Word into one single app. They added features for quick actions, like converting images to text or creating and then signing PDFs.

This new app is available for Android and iOS, and it was announced today at the Ignite event of the company in Orlando, Florida.

This new app is called “Office.” But that does not mean that it will replace the existing mobile app – not now, at least – but it comes with many features of the current products. This means that nothing is taken away. It will also take less space then getting the three apps separated, plus all the other capabilities. We don’t really know if we would prefer the old apps – unless you, of course, use only one or two of them.

Office mobile opens, and you see a home screen with the recently opened documents, noted and the recommended documents, all with the power of Microsoft AI. Tap the  New document icon in order to create an Excel, Word or PowerPoint project. You can make the most out of the additional features – we mean the ability to start by scanning the document to extract the text or a table if we’re talking about Excel.

If you know Microsoft’s Office Lens app, then you will be familiar with some of these features – scanning and OCR – Optical Character Recognition. It looks like Lens has been put into the Office app together with the three main apps.

Microsoft also came with an Actions feature, which allows you to transfer a file to a computer, also share with other nearby devices, get access to the OCR features, and work with PDF files.




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