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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and the Realm of Ravendreth

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the eighth expansion pack of the massively multiplayer RPG, is scheduled for a 2020 release. In the upcoming build, Azeroth’s heroes travel to the realm of dead soon after Sylvanas Windrunner splits open the veil between life and death.

As they investigate the four worlds, Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth, players face the Covenants that dominate the afterlife realms in the Shadowlands. The final objective of the story is the world of Revendreth.

Revendreth, a Shadowy Realm

Players arrive with important news for Sire Denathrius, the Master of Revendreth and ruler of the Venthyr. The world is in the middle of a rebellion started by the anima drought that has appeared in the Shadowlands. You have to guard yourself, though, because even if you successfully deliver the message and save the realm, the Venthyr could always turn against you.

Revendreth is composed out of seven different districts, each ruled by a Harvester, powerful Venthyrs who have kept the traditions of the place since creation in order to make spirits repent for their past sins. Those who are successfully changed have to choose between staying in Revendreth and become one of the Venthyr or return to Oribos to get into another afterlife.

“Some of the Venthyr’s practices are questionable but be warned: Dissenters disappear in these dark lands,” the description of the game says.

Revendreth’s Inhabitants

Revendreth is populated by various groups, including Venthyr, the Stone Legion, Dreger, and more. Here are all the inhabitants of Revendreth.


The Venthyr are the ones who punish the ‘unworthy’ and try to rehabilitate the souls of the sinful sent to them by the Arbiter. Successfully rehabilitated souls are either sent to another world to serve there forever or made a Venthyr and continue the pattern as a tool of repentance.

The Stone Legion

Designed by the Stonewright and filled with anima, the Stoneborn serve their lords as soldiers, fighting Venthyr’s enemies with a collection of martial weapon skills. The Gargons are some vicious quadrupeds that sneak on the streets of Revendreth to maintain order by inspiring fear. The Dredbats are surveying the skies, alerting the Stoneborns to attack invaders, but can, with no issue, kill intruders in a flash of a second.


This workforce serves the Venthyr with a proactive attitude for any lowly task such as sweeping floors to sacrificing themselves for entertainment.

Sire Denathrius

The Master of Revendreth, Sire Denathrius, created the Venthyr to resemble him, faking them from the souls of the redeemed. He is incredibly ancient, but one of the most powerful beings in all the Shadowlands.

Prince Renathal

Prince Renathal was the first being that was created by the Master of Revendreth. However, all this changed when the anima dried up, and he believed that the Master is behind the drought. He then gathered an incredibly powerful force in order to conduct a rebellion and get the throne to make the anima flow again.

General Draven

General Draven was once the leader of Stoneborn, but he allied to Prince Renathal against Sire Denathrius.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands can be pre-ordered now as it was announced on November 1st of 2019. It is expected to launch sometimes this yea for both PC and consoles.



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