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World War Z: How Difficult Are the Zombies in the Game?

World War Z is a cooperative game that has at its basis, the Paramount Pictures’ 2013 film with the same name. There are up to 4 players that can use strategic traps, guns, and barriers in order to fight the zombies, survive, and save the world.

The game focuses on new storylines and characters from the fictional world and on amazing new missions. You need to unite to defeat the swarms of zombies. Play death and go against all the odds.

What about its features?

You can choose the class. There are six different classes: Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer, and Exterminator. Each has its own playstyles and perks. Make sure you customize the new weapons in order to survive the challenges.

What’s with the Zombie Swarms? The hordes of zombies act like real crowds, they climb on top of each other in order to reach players when they are somewhere higher, like on buildings. Hordes start to become more and more challenging to defeat, and they act even more challenging throughout the game.

What about the story?

Humanity is going through a lot, and it is almost at the edge of being extinct. Apocalypse and zombies continue to spread all around the world. The zombies are not afraid of anything, and they continue to infect the survivors of World War Z.

You need to come together and fight the zombies. Humanity needs our help, and the remaining survivors need a second chance at life.




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