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Xbox Live Usage Increases Significantly Because of People Staying Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

What can you do when traveling and roaming around the city is forbidden in one way or another? Especially when it comes to the protection of the citizens. Staying home and enjoying a good book or movie is the only choice, and also, let’s not forget about the good old gaming.

Gaming nowadays is far from being once considered just a frivolous activity. It can be educational, fun, makes time flow faster, and it stimulates ambition, creativity, and attention. Therefore, a lot of people chose to stay home and enjoy games these days when the COVID-19 disease is spreading.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live network faces great success

This service is experiencing great demand from users these days, and there’s no wonder why: the gaming network is presented to be built for performance, speed, and reliability. It has over 1 billion multiplayer matches played every month.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, confirmed the news, and he is pretty happy for it:

Things are turning out in a similar way for other networks and for the same reason, as well. PlayStation Network is one of them, the main rival for Xbox Live. The two companies involved, Sony, and Microsoft, are expecting to take a significant step further in gaming with the release of the next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, respectively. The two gaming machines are expected to arrive in the market later this year.

Until then, humanity has PS4, Xbox One, and also other outstanding gaming platforms. Stay home and safe since this is the only solution now. And remember to enjoy your favorite games!



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