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Xbox One’s “Surprise Me” Button Will Make Us Happy, and Here’s Why

Xbox One will soon get a “Surprise me” button. This button is kind of awesome, since, from the game library, it will allow players to select which game to play next randomly. Features like these don’t always make their appearance, so make sure you take advantage of it. Can you feel the awesomeness? When a person gets a gaming console since its official release – in this case, six years since the release of Xbox One – the gaming library can get very large.

It’s right with the last generations of consoles, and it’s all thanks to the giveaways, such as the Games with Gold program. If the platform is also backward compatible or generation-less, just like a PC, then libraries can get even more significant. This is what happens when gamers, who have used the platform for years, don’t really know what to play next. The ability to select a random game to play from hundreds – if you’re that lucky – it’s exactly what players need and what they wanted for a very long time. And now it’s here!

The Xbox One player community will get this button soon, according to an Xbox Insider. The button is now available for those players in the Xbox Insiders beta testing program, which means that it will be made public if it all works as it should.

This button will be placed in the top right-hand corner of the Xbox One games library, and by pressing it, you will get a random game to play. Keep in mind that it does not launch the game. It brings up the option to play the game, and there’s also a cancel button. It’s quite good, since there’s always that game that you have, that you’d rather skip, but still want to keep it in your library.





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