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Xbox Scarlett: Will Microsoft Repeat the Same Mistakes They Did with Xbox One?

Microsoft has released Xbox One, and it had learned a lot about the experience, from the point of view of both prices and the capability. That’s why they are now ready to release the Xbox Project Scarlett, and they probably won’t make the same mistakes they did with the Xbox One console.

In an interview, head of Microsoft, Phil Spencer, said that the company learned a lot from the present console generation. They won’t place themselves in the position to make mistakes again when it comes to power or pricing. Their consoles were less powerful and more pricy, and when they started Project Scarlett, the goal was to have market success.

The Xbox One console had to deal with a lot of criticism because of the high prices. The console had a lot of features, which made it ridiculously expensive, and people didn’t really need them. Kinect is really what we’re referring to here. At some point, Microsoft removed the Kinect feature, and the price was lowered. But then, a more powerful console made its appearance on the market – PS4 – and it really was a more viable console. Microsoft was defeated at that point.

However, now, Microsoft wants to make right of its mistakes and to make sure that they can go head to head with the PS5 of Sony. But this doesn’t mean that the new console will be cheap – it’s just that its price will be acceptable and fair for the power of the console.

In a recent interview, Jason Ronald, who’s the Microsoft partner director of program management, talked about their plans for Xbox Project Scarlett and about the pricing. We will find out more soon.





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