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Xbox Series X and PS5: The Storage Is Better With These Ones

Xbox Series X and PS5: the storage is better with these ones

We all know that the new console generation started with Xbox One and PS4. Both of them managed to include a PC-like style. Instead of a new generation, we got both Microsoft and Sony releasing faster versions of their already existing consoles, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

We are still months away from getting them, and we finally have some details about the next-generation consoles. They are again going to use the PC-like designs of their predecessors, and AMD as their CPU and GPU supplier. PS5 and Xbox Series X will be quite different than what we got to know so far.

We will see some significant changes when it comes to storage. Given the fact that PS4 and Xbox One still use low mechanical hard drives, we believe that a move to a smaller and faster SSDs is inevitable. Both of them welcomed custom storage interfaces with PCI Express 4.0 SSDs and custom hardware, in order to meet the expectations. This means that the drivers will actually move a lot of data in a short time. Xbox X Series stated that it will transfer speeds of around 3 to 4 GB per second, and PS5 would be able to go around the 9 GB per second.

By using data rates that high, and given the fact that the current consoles managed to do about 150 MB per second (should all go alright), the download time should be only seconds, which means that the in-game load screens might not exist anymore. The faster data rate can also enable higher resolution textures for the graphics, which means that you’ll be able to switch between games with only one click.

The consoles will surely represent a huge leap forward. The games on the platforms will probably be able to leverage these possibilities in order to be faster.




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