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Xbox Series X – Hardware Specs and Release Date

Most of the surface details regarding the Xbox Series X are already known, as Microsoft dropped pieces of information throughout the last few months. Not long ago, the company unveiled the inner structure of the upcoming next-generation console, which is actually solid information.

Xbox Series X​’s SoC

Xbox Series X will pack the AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores and 16 threads, with a 7mm enhanced process. The clock speeds reach 3.8GHz without SMT, and 3.6GHz with SMT, which are actually taped values that won’t adjust as per thermal conditions. Rather on the conservative side, the clock figures can be enhanced, but because of their inability to adjust to thermal conditions, the company needed the chips to run cooler and always have that particular thermal clearance.

The processor is a 360.45mm2 die, almost similar to that on the Xbox One X​. However, it is a rather impressive feature, considering that the Series X performs twice as better as the One X console.

Xbox Series X’s GPU

Numerous fans were expecting an AMD card in the next-generation console, and we’re getting it with the Xbox Series X​. In one of the earlier reports, Microsoft said that the console would pack 12 teraflops of computing power, which places it between the RTX 2080Ti and the RTX 2080. Because of the second generation RDNA GPU, 4K with 60 f/s should be a given for the Xbox Series X​, but it seems like the company has planned for particular games to run it up to 120 f/s.

Ray tracing was another heavily theorized feature for the forthcoming Xbox Series X​, and it has confirmed on both PS5 and Microsoft’s console. The company said that the Series X​ would be able to reach 26 TFLOPs of performance, but the recent report states only 12 TFLOPs in the graphics section.

The console will also get 16GB of GDDR6 memory, out of which 13.5GB will be used for gaming, and the remaining of 2.5GB pool will be given to the operating system and the front end shell.

The Console’s Power

This is an area in which an upgrade was due for some time now, and the enhanced specs here will probably have the biggest impact on how the new Xbox Series X​ engages with the users. The upcoming console uses a custom NVME SSD of one terabit, which consumes 3.8W. As per a report by Eurogamer, the drive can assure a throughput of 2.4 GB per second.

Microsoft has also improved the IO performance of the console, as switching between games will only have a 6.5 second time leap.

Backwards Compatibility and Launch Date

The company has always nailed the last-generation compatibility section, and the Xbox Series X​ is no different. The new device will support all games released on the Xbox One series, as well as those ported from the Xbox 360. Considering that the Xbox One series came with a modern structure, the upcoming console doesn’t need to use an emulation layer in order to achieve backwards compatibility.

We’ll have to wait for a few more months to get the Xbox Series X​ as Microsoft has officially announced a Holiday 2020 release date. However, a recent leak from an insider pinned the launch date on November 26th, which could be a possibility. There’s no information yet regarding the console’s price tag, as we might have to wait until near launch to get some details on this matter.​



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