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Xbox Series X: Important Things to Keep in Mind Before the Reveal

We cannot wait for the reveal of Xbox Series X, and we want answers with regards to pretty much everything about it. Everyone is looking forward to Microsoft’s July event, and we now know what to expect. 

 About SSD  

Sony has talked about the SSD quite a lot as being the next-gen on the market. We all know what we’re getting when it comes to expandable RAM, especially when it comes to the upcoming Ratchet & Clank game, and to the Unreal Engine 5 demonstration. Tim Sweeney stated that the demo would have run on Xbox Series X and that Hellblade 2 will also be using this engine. Does this mean we’re getting more SSD features in the Xbox Series X? We’re bound to find out.  

About the price 

We have heard about a lot of rumors with regards to the price – even more since the trademark filing for Xbox Series. This suggests that there is a new addition to the series. People believe that there’s a cheaper alternative, which will have lower specs. But these will lead to even more questions. Will Xbox Series X be even more expensive? We cannot wait to hear more.  

About power 

Here we’re talking about teraflops. We don’t know much about Xbox Series X’s GPU performance capabilities – PlayStation 5 either. We can only say that the texture rate and the ability to ray-tracing will be better on the Xbox Series X, but what about the GPU’s render output unit, or the cache sizes? These are important to the resolution and the memory. They are more effective with higher GPU clock speeds. Also, it’s essential when it comes to how the render output unit will perform on both of the consoles.  








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