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Xbox Series X New Logo Anticipates the Upcoming Reveal

The next-gen console from Microsoft, its upcoming Xbox Series X, will arrive on the market soon, and fans are super excited about it. But, the company keeps teasing us a little bit before the final release. This time, Microsoft has shared a new Xbox Series X logo! The new logo is more than likely another hint on the upcoming big reveal.

The newly introduce logo was showcased last week via a trademark. This logo is different than the one presented in the promotional material back in December 2019. The previous Xbox Series X logo was revealed at The Game Awards last year.

What is the new logo for? The new logo might be used for different Xbox models. And looking into the rumor mill, we have an idea about Microsoft’s plan. The rumor has it that it could belong to the upcoming Xbox Series S model, which wears the codename: Lockhart.

New Xbox Series X Logo Was Revealed

The latest Xbox logo doesn’t have such great quality, but we expect the better resolution version to be shared on the internet. However, thanks to the Justia Trademarks website, we know that the logo actually exists, and it is not just a rumor.

“The mark consists of the word SERIES in a vertical formation to the right of which appears a stylized letter X,” claims the description of the logo. As the logo has been trademarked, we anticipate a new reveal of the upcoming flagship console.

The Xbox Series X might be revealed during the next E3 2020 digital event, which is supposed to take place in June. However, other rumors say that the flagship console will be revealed earlier in May 2020. Regardless of the date of the upcoming event, we can’t wait to find out the differences between the two flagship consoles. With the new trademarked logo, we feel that we are closer to the big reveal.



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