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Xbox Series X vs. PS5 – What Should We Expect?

The age-old debate – Xbox versus PlayStation is marching towards a new level as we are nearing the release of a new generation of gaming consoles.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X will (hopefully) be launched at the end of this year.

Microsoft will most likely post details about the Series X via a digital event. However, Sony might take advantage of a future State of Play to properly announce the PS5.


Many rumors about the upcoming consoles have made their way online, especially regarding the performance of the consoles.

The Xbox Series X will pack a stunning 12 teraflops of power, according to Microsoft.

Sony also revealed some specifications of its next console via a deep dive event with Mark Cerny.

Specifications-wise, the PS5 appears to be the less powerful choice, but it packs a high-performance SSD, which ultimately improved the way games are made for the system.

Some experts went as far as stating that the PS5 is the most exciting piece of hardware over the two past decades.

Rivalry And Technical Problems

Both companies are aiming to provide next-gen performance that will be a significant leap from the current generation of consoles.

An unfortunate new rumor claims that the PS5 experiences “heating problems to rival the Xbox 360,” and that the company is “really concerned.”

The rumor originates from a supposed insider, under the name of Jeff Rickerl, who said that the form factor of Sony’s PS5 is lackluster and should undergo a redesign.

Many people started roasting the PS5 because of its controller’s design and the seemingly flawed hardware, but that might not do the console justice because it hasn’t even been released yet!

The community seems to be more and more divided, and we can only hope that the addition of crossplay gameplay could fix that.



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