Xbox X019 Is Revealing a Lot of Games and Developers

Microsoft announced last year that X019 is back, and new acquisitions in the developers’ department are made. So after taking InXile and Obsidian, we shortly saw the release date for Obsidian’s game, Wasteland 3. Other news was the trailer for the Age of Empires IV; also, Halo has now a release date for PC and a Project xCloud for PC. Let’s see what all is about.

First of all, let’s talk a little about the games we mentioned above. At the X019 event, InXile has released the trailer for Wasteland 3 after three years of the crowdfunding campaign. The event happened six months ago, so is the release of the trailer, until further news, we are stick with Wasteland 2.

Besides Wasteland 3, we have Halo on the list of games from Microsoft. According to the statement from X019, we should have Halo: Master Chief Collection on our computers by the end of this year. The first part of the game will land on Windows 10 Store and Steam until 3 December. Moreover, the Age of Empires IV is the propriety of the World’s Edge Studio, and the trailer is available to watch. If you watch the trailer, you will see that the game is in the medieval era, just like the Age of Empires II.

Second of all, we said that at the X019 event, Microsoft talked about the xCloud Project for PC. If we are looking at Google who is launching Stadia next week, we think that Microsoft should do something with its project. The xCloud Platform is developing in collaboration with other partners for releasing it available to all the devices on the market. Also, a hot thing will be the fact that we could play Project xCloud games only with the DualShock PlayStation controller.

To sum up, Microsoft could give us an Xbox Game Pass for PC to access all the new games from today. Microsoft X019 came with great news; we can’t wait for the one from next year.

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