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Xender 5.7.2 Prime Update Available with New Advantages and Features

Various services allow you to share content and transfer files. Today we will be focusing on only one of them: Xender 5.7.5 Prime, the app that covers most users’ sharing needs.

Xender Advantages

You can use Xender to share all sorts of file formats, regardless of your location, via mobile data, wi-fi, and more. The developers are fond of the app’s 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed and the wide variety of devices that it supports. To transfer files, no USB connection or PC software installation is required.

Nearly half a billion users send files with Xender each day to transfer over 100 million files. Among others, you can use it to play all the music and videos.

Top Features

Xender can transfer files at 40Mb/s.

The app covers all file formats to transfer, from documents to videos and even other apps.

The app needs no cables, no internet, and no mobile connection to transfer files.

With Xender, you can share whatever you want, whenever you want, regardless of the file size!

You can share any files between most common operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android.

Xender can share your files from your old phone to the new one extremely fast, so switching to a new phone and porting all your data won’t be a tedious task anymore.

Xender allows you to see, move, or delete the files you received. It helps you make a backup copy for you to clean the phone storage safely.

Latest Version

Xender 5.7.5 Prime now features a more optimized connection to make data sharing more comfortable and faster. This version also fixed most of the known bugs, so the app will probably not lag for now.

Further updates will make the experience even better and more stable!



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