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Xender 6.0.1 Prime – The Best Service To Share Data Available with New Advantages

Many apps and services can help you to share and transfer data. Today we will present you with one of the best such programs: Xender 6.0.1 Prime, which covers most users’ sharing needs.

Xender Advantages

You can use Xender to share various files, regardless of location, via mobile data, wi-fi, and others. The developers often promote the service’s 200 times Bluetooth transfer rates and the multitude of devices they can run on. You don’t require a USB connection or PC software to share data.

Approximately 500 million users send files with Xender daily. Amazingly, Xender can play music and videos.

Top Features

Xender can transfer files at the speed of 40Mb/s.

The app supports all file formats to transfer, from docs to videos and even whole other apps.

The app doesn’t need cables or a mobile connection to share data.

With Xender, you can send whatever you want, whenever you want, regardless of size! Xender is the best in the market!

You can share any files between popular operating systems like iOS, Windows, or Android.

Xender can share your data from an old phone to a new one extremely fast, so switching to a new phone and porting all your files won’t be a complicated task anymore.

Xender allows you to see, move, and delete the files you received. It can help you make back-ups so that you can clean the phone storage safely.

Latest Version

Xender 6.0.1 Prime now optimizes connections to make data sharing simpler and quicker. The latest version also removed most of the bugs, so the app will likely perform admirably for now.

Further updates will enhance the experience even more!



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