You Can Now Use Google Duo With Your Google Account

We come with great news! As of now, Google does not ask Android tablet users to sign up with a phone number in order to use their amazing service, Duo. Anyone can now sign into the app with their Google accounts, and they will be able to make and receive calls on their tablets without any kind of troubles.

Up until now, users needed a phone number to sign in

This feature was only available to people who were able to use the web platform. Before this update, all the Android users were asked to sign in by using the phone number (which was also required in order to register for the app). Keep in mind that if you try to sign up on an actual phone, you will still need a phone number.

Android vs. iOS

This updated feature only works for Android tablets and Chrome OS tablets, as well. This is an important change, especially for people who use tablets with Wi-Fi. People are now able to use the app on a tablet without using a phone number. We believe that Google has added this feature after Apple’s FaceTime allowed its users to make video calls or voice calls by using only an email address.

How tech giants help us during the pandemic

We all know how the new coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for video calling around the globe. Several companies have chosen to upgrade their services and add new features in order to help people. For example, Google has made Meet free available for everyone. Facebook has released Messenger Rooms, and Teams and Zoom became even more popular. People use all of them, especially when it comes to online classes.


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