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YouTube Deletes All The Videos Relating 5G to Coronavirus

People read a lot of things on the internet, and they often get misinformed. And due to the new coronavirus outbreak, more and more people fall into this trap. Fake news makes its appearance on many sites, including YouTube. We have recently heard that the spread of the new coronavirus is linked to 5G cell towers. While that sounds plain stupid, many people started to believe in this conspiracy theory.

It has been reported that, in some parts of the UK, some vandals have destroyed 5G towers in the past two weeks. YouTube wants to take action and avoid the spread of misleading info in the future. The company intends to remove any video that links the coronavirus to 5G usage or cell towers.

YouTube Deletes All The Videos Relating 5G to Coronavirus

Some reports claim that YouTube will still keep the 5G conspiracy theories online, as long as there is no word about the coronavirus situation in the videos. This is very important, as they need to make sure that users are not getting the wrong information on SARS-Cov-2, especially now.

There are also many reports online which have linked the Use of 5G (or its signal waves) to numerous health conditions. Social media is essential in times like these, and it is reassuring to find out that YouTube has taken action against fake news.

If you have found something, info that you think it’s not credible, then Google it, and see if it’s true. Try to find some sources that are reliable and get your information directly from there. If you are using a 5G smartphone and you’re at home, don’t worry. You’re safe and sound, as no studies have found a link between 5G and coronavirus. Meanwhile, follow the rules to be safe from the virus –  wash your hands and stay inside as much as possible.



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