YouTube For Mobile Receives New Interesting Features

YouTube developers have started implementing a test period of the ‘Explore’ feature on the incredibly popular streaming application about two years ago. Now, the feature is finally being made available to users of YouTube’s Android and iOS apps.

The implementation also brings a few other features specifically designed to support user engagement with newer content. Users can find a new ‘Explore’ category in the app, which is located at the bottom of the display. The feature helps with the discovery of newly uploaded content.

In spite of the fact that YouTube has already made the unveil, it is worth mentioning that not every user will have access to it right away. Because it is a gradual release of the features, it is likely that some users may have to wait a while before they can see it.

More Features Were Implemented on Both Mobile Platforms

One of the newly added features to the app is the ‘On The Rise’ music artists or creators. This new addition is an attempt to encourage new talent that may otherwise remain in shadow.

It is still ambiguous how YouTube’s algorithms will show off these new and rising artists, but we are sure that the feature will be tweaked and adjusted a lot if necessary. This tab will also provide users with quick access to popular sections, such as Gaming, Music, Fashion & Beauty, Learning, and so on.

The ‘Trending’ tab remains there from earlier builds of the app, and users will still be offered the possibility to browse popular content relying upon their location preferences.

YouTube is one of the most popular streaming applications all over the world, and it seems to only enhance with every update it rolls out. Google has also brought the iconic Dark Mode theme for the platform on both Android and iOS mobile apps.

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