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YouTube changes the criteria for getting a verified account

After being strongly protested, YouTube is backing away from the proposed changes to tighten the criteria for getting a verified account.

The company had to make the identity verification more rigorous in order to eliminate fake accounts, but the change did not have the desired effect.

In fact, many people who already had such accounts were penalized and would lose their seal of verification, which led to a wave of protests.

YouTube has decided that users who already have audited accounts will keep them, but that the seal will no longer be automatic when 100,000 subscribers are reached, as in the past.

The only users who can apply for an identity guarantee are those who represent a brand or who are vulnerable to identity theft.

YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki apologized and said the policy change had missed the mark.

This is not the first time YouTube has sparked the ire of creators. To comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a US law that prohibits the collection of personal data under 13 years without the consent of their parents, the platform will remove comments and notifications on videos reserved for children. YouTube’s metrics could have significant consequences for content creators, who have made videos “focusing on characters, toys or games”their specialty.

Indeed, if channels can not alert the spectators during the diffusion of a video, then the number of views will be largely impacted. For violating the COPPA, the Federal Trade Commission, which controls anti-competitive practices in the United States, imposed a $170 million fine on YouTube.



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