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YouTube Wants People to Film Their Day for a Ridley Scott Documentary

Ten years after executive producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin Macdonald partnered up with YouTube for a crowdsourced documentary that showcased a day on Earth, they have decided to make a sequel.

​For the upcoming ‘Life in a Day,’ they are asking people across the world to capture a part of their life on July 25th. A team of 30 reviewers, three editors, and Macdonald will examine the footage and create a feature-length documentary. Life in a Day 2020 will then premiere at Sundance and on YouTube in 2021.

If you’d like to also take part in this project, there are some requirements you’ll have to meet, including obtaining permission from the people you are filming and making sure there is no music in the video. Only a few of the submissions will actually be included in the documentary, but there are a few ways you can increase your chances of making it in.

For instance, the creators suggest you capture in landscape mode at the highest resolution you possibly can and use an external microphone. Also, you’ll have to send the footage until August 2nd.

Life in a Day 2020 ​has the ​ability to be even more persuasive than its predecessor, considering that this is one of the most remarkable years in the last decades. It could be a living, breathing time capsule of the current condition the world is in. Still, the filmmakers eventually want people who participate to make their footage personal and about that it is most important to them.

​Last time, people in 189 countries sent more than 80,000 videos, totaling around 4,500 hours of footage. Macdonald and his team managed to compress that to an impressive 95-minute documentary.

If you haven’t seen it yet, or you’re in need of some inspiration on what to film later this month, you can watch the original  Life in a Day right here:



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