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Five Tips on How to Survive in Minecraft PE

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games out there. The title’s Pocket Edition allows players to enjoy the game on mobile devices and comes with simpler ways to play the game. If you have just recently begun playing the game or consider downloading it, but you don’t know how to manage to survive, we created a simple guide for you to help with that.

How to Survive in Minecraft PE

The survival mode of the game teleports players into a randomly generated world with restricted health. In order to survive, you have to start mining, but as the night sets, the mobs appear out o nowhere with the intention to terminate you.

Here is what you can do to survive in the game.

Collect Wood and Build a Shelter

In order to gather wood, punch the trees you find all over the area. Collect as much wood as possible so you can craft a shelter with it. When the mobs come, a simple shelter made out of wood would be enough to protect you from them.

Design Some Tools

The next step is to gather as many valuable resources as you can. For that, you need a different kind of tools, such as an ax, pickax, sword, bow, and arrow. Initially, these instruments can be made out of wood, but as you level up, you can use other materials to design them as well.

It is important that you make torches as well. Burn wooden planks and get charcoal, which you can use to create the torches that can keep the mobs away.

Start Mining

After you’ve designed all the tools you need, you need to start mining. It is important that you create the mine in a staircase form; otherwise, you’d fall and die. When mining, put torches all over the place and gear with a pickax and sword. Gather as many precious metals as you can as you will need them later.

Build a Farm and Fight the Monsters

After you upgrade your tools, it is best to build a farm. You can find all kinds of seeds by digging the ground and get animals by trapping them.

Minecraft PE has a lot of monsters, such as skeletons, creepers, zombies, spiders, slimes, and so on. Each of them comes with a particular skill or power, and by knowing which that is, you can easily fight them to get rid of trouble.

The Bottom Line

These basic tips should help you survive in Minecraft PE. There are a few more, but for beginners, these are just enough as they will help when starting the immersive experience the game offers.



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