Minecraft: What the Bees do in the Game

The last update the popular Minecraft has received came with a couple of new items for bees. Thanks to a collaboration between World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and Mojang, the game now has some new interesting additions.

Bees are a rather passive horde in Minecraft, collecting pollen all day long, which they transform in honey.

Bees in Minecraft

Mostly, the bees in the gameplay would only attack when they are angered. When they attack, their sting falls out, which leads to their death. They do not drop any items when they die, so there is absolutely no reason to attack them. Also, if you attack one, all the nearby bees will try to protect their teammate. When displaying red eyes, the bee is aggressive; therefore, you should avoid it.

When it comes to the graphic and mechanic behaviors, bees act incredibly similar to the bats, hovering above the ground. However, dissimilar to the bats, bees are labeled as anthropods, which means that enchanting a sword with the anthropods curse will have the bees take additional damage.

Bees Spawn and Housing

At the moment, bees spawn in Plains, Sunflower Plains, as well as Flower Forest Biomes, which gives you a percent possibility to find a nest on birch or oak trees. Their hives are produced during world generation and can be discovered all over the Minecraft world.

The bees can be found in the wild, searching for a place to locate, or can settle a hive that spawns aimlessly; there are two to three bees in a hive. Bess follow anyone that has a flower, and their beehives can be taken down with any kind of tool, but the ideal way to get it is by using an ax. When it collapses, the bees will try to attack you, so you should either fight or run. However, for peaceful domination, it is better to place a campfire beneath the hive that you want to destroy.

The honey level in the hive increases to one percent when the bees entering it, have pollen. When the apiary gets to the fifth level, you can harvest the honey using a glass bottle. To create a beehive, you only need six planks of wood and three honeycombs.

Harvest Honey and Honeycomb

When a hive is prepared for harvest, honey will drip from it. You can collect it using shears on the block that gets you three honeycombs, or use a glass bottle and take the honey directly from the apiary. Both these methods make the bees aggressive, so it is recommended that you place a campfire underneath the hive or about five blocks away to be able to take the honey peacefully.

New Blocks and Items in the Update

The last Minecraft update comes with a couple of new items, namely the Honey Bottles and the Honey Blocks. These include the Honey Bottles, which can be changed into sugar or drank for three hunger + 2.4 saturation and is also able to remove poison effects.

The update has also brought Honey Blocks, which can be created from four bottles of honey. They have no Redstone signals, and when they are moved, the top block will also shift and carry with it the other blocks, except slime and glazed terracotta blocks.

The feature is also capable of decelerating the movement speed of characters and hindering jumping. The effect takes place through carpets, bottom-half slabs, as well as daylight detectors. When falling on a Honey Block, the damage is reduced by 80 percent, and you cannot put pressure pads or ladders on these blocks.

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