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Fix WiFi Connection Issues On Android In 5 Quick Steps

Devices operating on the Android system are very liked but the public. However isn’t it annoying when you can’t connect your smartphone or tablet to the WiFi? WiFi connectivity errors are not unheard of; in fact, they happen quite often. This is where we come to your aid with a list of simple solutions that you can use to sort out the WiFi connection issues.

But first, let’s find out why we do get these sort of WiFi issues. It could be due to the network configurations such as IP address and DHCP or maybe just a glitch in the software and firmware system. A more straightforward reason why we get these internet connectivity problems could be the due to the passwords or misinformation. Radio wave distribution can also affect the WiFi connection, but we are here to help you when one of these issues arises.

How to Fix WiFi Connection Issues on Android

Switching off/on your WiFi

Yes, the thing to try when your device has a hard time connecting to the internet is to turn it off, wait a few seconds and then turn it back on again. By switching off and on your WiFi you could sort out your issue, but if this doesn’t work for you, we have four other solutions for you.

Toggle the Airplane Mode

Another way to fix your WiFi connection is to put your Android device on the Airplane mode and then deactivate this feature. Leave the WiFi switched on before you try this solution.

Disable the Bluetooth

Another reason why your WiFi won’t work on your Android smartphone or tablet could be because of the Bluetooth. If your Bluetooth is turned on, then your device might have a difficult time connecting to the internet. Switch your Bluetooth off and see if this is the right solution for your internet connection issue.

Switch Power Saving Mode to Off

Using your smartphone or tablet on the power saving mode could affect the WiFi connectivity. As the WiFi is consuming the battery of your device very fast, therefore, switching on the power saving mode could disconnect you from the internet. If the WiFi on your Android device is not working, try using the internet after you make sure that the power Saving Mode switched off.

Forget All WiFi Networks and Start Again

Another method that could sort out the WiFi connection issue is to delete all networks. It will allow your device to get a fresh start by searching for new networks. However, make sure you hold all the information necessary to re-connect to the WiFi network.

You will need the network name and the password for this solution to work. To delete all networks on your smartphone or tablet, you will need to go to WiFi settings and select forget on the network that is not working as it should.



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