iPhone SE 2 Rumors On Release Date, Specs, Price, and More

According to Bloomberg, Apple will start the production of iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9, as some people would say.

iPhone SE 2 Possible Release Date

When exactly is Apple planning to begin the production of these phones? As reported by Bloomberg, in February this year. And if you are wondering when these phones will be released on the market, we are almost 100 percent that the public will be able to purchase them soon after the production starts in March 2020. Let’s proceed with the juicy stuff.

The similarities between SE 2 and iPhone 8

There is a particular rumor circulating the internet regarding the upcoming SE 2 smartphone, and it seems pretty consistent. The news has it that SE 2 will be very similar to iPhone 8 in terms of display, having the same 4.7-inch screen. Bloomberg sticks so far to all the other rumors heard before, as well as the rumor regarding the SE 2 having a flat theme in place of the round or curved ones.

More iPhone SE 2 Rumors

Bloomberg brings new rumors in the bag! While SE 2 will have a similar 4.7-inch display to iPhone8, they are claiming that the large bezels would be reduced to the minimum. The SE 2 bezels will give a more real estate for the display in the new model.

Their report then continues with rumors that we already heard of, such as the LCD display and touch ID will be the tool to unlock the phone securely that will feature the smartphone. The fact that Apple’s SE 2 processor will be the A13 Bionic chipset and the RAM will be 3GB.


The smartphone price is believed to start at $399. This is the price that most of the commentators believe to be the real deal. Looking at iPhone 8, you will see that the price is meager, the lowest price at which you can pick up an iPhone today.

If you take things logically if Apple sells the iPhone SE 2 or the iPhone 9 at the same cost as its predecessor, then they can just get read of iPhone 8 already. Who is going to be interested in buying that phone when there will be better models on the market?

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