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Minecraft Pocket Edition – Best Mods For The Game

We are here to tell you today about the most important section for Minecraft Pocket Edition – you cannot live without this one. We are talking about the mods for the game, in which you will find many modifications, plus updates for the new versions of the game. Keep in mind that all of these mods are functional and should not cause you any trouble. But in order to enjoy them, you need to download the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The mods

Sometimes, the mods from Minecraft PE move from version to version. But that does not affect their popularity. They get updated, some don’t even change at all. Every miner out there has already tested them, and people cannot get enough of them. Sometimes it might seem that it is impossible to bring a universal modification, which no new program could dislodge. But so many mods are still on the top.

Top Three Mods to Enjoy in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Taming++ Mod

Ever since Minecraft Pocket Edition has become infinite, the taming Mod is important in player survival. They have enough time due to the fact that they quickly transport us from one place to another. But the developing team came up with a new idea to improve the Mod, so this is the story of how the Taming++ Mod made its appearance.

After you install it, you will get the chance to ride a horse, a donkey, or a mule without the need for a saddle, but it’s good to keep in mind that you will need one if you jump. You also have to take care of some tamed lamas, and you need to use wheat for them. In this Mod, now you can also tame the Ravagers. Use sugar for that, but he will attack you while you’re trying to tame him.

Furnicraft Mod

This Mod brings to the game different pieces of furniture. You can find everything you want in this game, from kitchen stuff to entertaining stuff, like a pool table or a piano. The most important thing is that it replaces the blocks of the Minecraft Bedrock world, which means that the mobs will still have their role in the game. If you do not have all the furniture that you need, you should get this Mod.

You can turn the furniture in any direction you’d like, and you can start sitting on beds or chairs. You can find the furniture in the creative inventory when searching for FURNICRAFT. You can also ride a new car, and decorate your place with paintings.

Advanchat Mod

In this game, players talk to each other through chat. Some servers have a voice mode of communication. We can all agree that the chat from the game is not exactly at its best. The Advanchat Mod can fix all of the problems in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

With this mode, you get three new buttons for the chat, which blend nicely with the game. There is an up arrow which allows you to select the previous message, and the down arrow, which will enable you to choose the next message. The third button is used to automatically end the typed word.



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