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The Sims 4: Packs We Would Like to See in the Game Before The Sims 5 Appears

The Sims 4 launched back in 2014 and has become incredibly popular, mainly because people loved its game packs, extension packs, and incredible stuff packs. These packs come with numerous features and brand new worlds to the title that drastically enhances the gameplay in a lot of ways.

Although The Sims 5 is under development and a lot of fans are excited about the future of this life simulation game, some still request a bunch of things developers could add to the fourth game in the series. Numerous fun packs have been released for the game, but there are still a lot of fans would love to see in The Sims 4.

From complete expansion packs that come with a new world to simple stuff packs that would implement small features and items, there are a lot of things The Sims 4 could still incorporate into the game, even without considering the next title in the franchise.

Here are five packs we hope to see coming in The Sims 4 before the fifth game launches.

A Paranormal Pack

During the life of The Sims 4, fans have gotten quite a few different paranormal creatures. Ghosts that can hunt houses and vampires came with their own pack that incorporated a spooky world, a bunch of Victorian decors, and a new kind of undead Sim.

A lot of The Sims requested that more supernatural creatures such as werewolves be added to the game.

A Futuristic World Pack

The Sims 3: Into the Future is a pack that launched with the last Sims title and enabled players to travel to a utopic world. The characters were able to see the next generations of their family and spend some time in Oasis Landing.

Given that new packs such as Parenthood have focused too much on raising a family without having the family grow up well, a future pack similar to this would be an incredible addition.

An Arts & Crafts Pack

There are a handful of features players can choose from to give to their Sims. A bunch of them allows the Sim to be more creative and artistic. This pack is amazing because Sims can paint, go to a museum to watch art, or even publish books. However, only being able to paint and write somehow restricts the character. What fans would really like is a pack that comes with more creative skills and hobbies to the game.

A Science &Technology Pack

There are not many active careers in The Sims 4, but that makes the existing ones rather fun. One of them is the Scientist career. It enables the player to watch their Sim into the lab every day and carry out a number of tasks and experiments.

Taking into consideration the fact that StrangerVille already offered players a dreamlike, science-fiction-inspired pack, a science and technology pack would be a great addition to The Sims 4.

A Wedding Pack

Weddings are a wonderful time for many people, and because The Sims is a life simulation game franchise, this is no exception for the characters in the title. Numerous CC creators have developed some incredible items for weddings, but a wedding-themed pack would be more of a dream come true.

A pack that enables Sims to entirely plan their wedding before it takes place and perhaps a few wedding-inspired interactions after the characters got engaged would make the game more fun. More importantly, the wedding-themed decor should not miss.

Do you have a specific themed pack you would like to see in The Sims 4 before the fifth sequel of the game appears?



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