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Funniest Cat Standing Memes

If you’re looking to laugh out loud scrolling through a long list of adorable little feline photos, you’re in the right place. For all you cat lovers out there, we’ve compiled a juicy list of funny cat memes that’ll just melt your heart. Cats have been taking the internet by storm, surpassing dogs in popularity for their hilarious attitudes and unique appearances.

Whether we’re laughing at them or with them, it’s hard not to indulge in these precious creatures. Like seriously, who doesn’t love cats?! These domestic kitties make our world go round which is exactly why this collection of funniest standing cat memes was created. On that note… enjoy! 

Who goes there?

funniest standing cat meme with snow

If this meme doesn’t crack you up, I’m not sure what will. Some fluffy felines really do resemble humans. This cat’s sassy paws and distant glare just screams curious dad walking outside to check the very obvious temperature outside. Don’t you agree?! That firm stance truly is the form of an old soul. LOL! 

Taking matters into my own paws.  

Funny cat standing on the counter

Doesn’t this remind you of when you were little, climbing up on the kitchen counter to steal the forbidden cookies hidden in the cabinet? The memories are just flooding back of getting yelled at by our moms “Hey! Don’t go in there!” This cat doesn’t seem too bothered… 

Scaredy Cat!

funniest cat standing meme home alone

This is definitely one of the funniest cat standing memes that we can relate to. Unexpected knocks at the door late at night are absolutely terrifying! Home alone scares like these send goosebumps down our spines.

Jealousy at its finest. 

adorable jealous cat meme

Our hearts are just melting staring into this adorable kitty’s puppy dog eyes! Whoever truly loves cats knows that this type of betrayal is the worst of them all. We’re not sure if we could ever recover after hurting the feelings of this precious little thing. Those eyes just draw you in! 

I’m never letting go! 

cat and baby meme

There’s nothing like the unbreakable bond between a pet and a small child. This newborn is in for a real treat under the care of his furry little friend. This possessive cat will protect this baby at all costs. This meme makes us wonder, are humans the pets after all? 


mismatching fur funniest cat standing meme

This is another one of the funniest cat standing memes that is 100% relatable. Life really is too short to worry about having matching socks. Heck, we almost never wear the same pair! Socks get lost wayyy too easily. Just look at this guy, he’s stuck living with two mismatch paws for life. 


photogenic cat meme

This picture is exactly why we just love cats. This kitty is absolutely adorable all the way from its claws to its whiskers. It might be impossible to one up this charming creature, we’re not sure if any other pose could do this cat justice! That loveable smile has just made our day.

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

funny cat meme in jail

Now this funniest cat meme is the gift that keeps on giving. Just look at that grumpy little face and that absolutely hilarious sign. To be honest, we would like all the cream off the cake too. The frosting is frankly the best part! No shame in this kitty’s game.

Kick back and relaxxxxxx

lazy cat funny cat meme

This is exactly why we just love cats. Not only are these fury creatures adorable, fluffy and precious, but they’re hysterically relatable. Nothing feels better than letting loose and kicking back on the couch with a nice snack. What movie are we putting on tonight?

No funny business here…

Cat got into the toilet paper meme

Alright, we thought it only be fair to give you cat lovers some exceptionally cute kitty content. We don’t blame this guy for getting wrapped up in plush paper. No toilet paper no problem, we’ll just use the litter box.

Real Life Puss in Boots

cowboy funniest cat standing meme

Speaking of exceptionally cute kitty content, this feline is looking just puuurrrecious. Giddy up kitty, those boots are most definitely made for walking cowboy.

High energy alert

4am cat meme

This made us LOL. Leave it up to the cat to wake you up at four in the morning because they need to aimlessly sprint around the apartment to let out some energy. There truly is nothing crazier than a cat who has the zoomies. Looks like nobody is sleeping tonight!

Fury worlds collide!

Racoon vs cats funny meme

Can you imagine how confused these fury friends are looking at yet another fury friend with wildly different features? This funny cat meme really puts into perspective the bubble our pets live in! Oh what a life they live in the luxurious comfort of our homes.

You can’t catch a break!

cranky hungry cat meme

The sad truth about this meme right here is that it very well reflects the cranky cattitudes that these felines get when they are dangerously hangry. Once kitty hunger has commenced, it is game over until they are fed. Rest in peace human world, these cats are relentless!

Blame the dog!

blame the dog funniest cat standing meme

Now this is some quality content! There is truly nothing spicier than the rivalry between pet dogs and cats. It’s like tom and jerry, endless fighting and relentless finger pointing. Noted: whenever you blame the dog, you might want to reevaluate your pet cat’s complicity.

What now?!

cute kitty funny meme

We’re not quite sure why this cat is so concerned, but for all we know this kitty is quite precious when upset. We hope whatever seems to be bothering this guy keeps on bothering him because everything about this photo is purfect. We just want to squeeze this fury fella and take him home with us!

Our worst nightmare…

Cat vs clown funny cat meme

As fellow cat lovers who are just as scared of clowns as this guy, we know how this kitty feels. This is also the exact look that we have on our faces knowing that this is the end of our cat meme journey. If we could sit here and look at the funniest cat standing memes, we would! Oh wait, we already do that…man do we love our job!



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