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Google Play Store vs. Amazon App Store: Which One is the Best

Are you an Android user torn between the Google Play Store vs Amazon App store? Both app stores offer a wide variety of android apps, but they have some distinct differences.

Android devices provide users with both great and ignoble options to choose from where they get their applications. Even though the most common marketplace is the Google Play Store, other stores have become known during the last few years.

One of these substitutes is Amazon’s App store, which is the default App Store on all Fire devices. No matter which store users are navigating and getting their apps from, developers still have to make sure users find their apps.

Even though both Google Play Store and Amazon App Store are somewhat similar, apps have to be careful to App Store Optimization (ASO) best applies. Here is a shore comparison between the app stores.

What Is the Amazon App Store?

The Amazon App Store is available on all Amazon Fire devices,​ such as the Kindle Fire and Fire Stick. It is basically the same service as Google Play Store and has Android apps for devices. The most significant difference is that the Amazon App Store doesn’t need Google’s Framework to be installed.

Even though the Amazon App Store is part of the Fire devices, it is not limited to just those. It takes a bit of work, but you can install the app on almost all Android devices. The process, though, requires you to turn on the ability to install apps from unknown sources. Google doesn’t recommend tis, though.

Just a while ago, the Amazon App Store encountered a major redesign and incorporated Amazon Coins. The virtual currency is a substitute method to acquire apps for a discount for free. Users can get coins by completing in-apps tasks or buy them with real money.​

ASO Best Practices

Google Play controls when it comes to the number of apps accessible. Since June 2017, the app store reached three million apps created by 968,000 developers, overthrowing the Apple App Store. On the other hand, the Amazon App Store has only about 600,000 apps available, created by 75,000 developers, as of Spring 2016.

In spite of not being so popular like the Google App Store or Apple’s App Store, Amazon App Store developers still have to use the best ASO practices. This is necessary to ensure that their app appears on the Amazon App Store.

Here are a few tricks to help any application get more downloads on the platform.​

  • Keywords: The Amazon App Store enables users to set keywords upfront, similar to what the Apple App Store does. Even though it is optional, offering relevant keywords will help make label and make your app found with the ranks.
  • App Title: Giving the app a strong name is important, not only to draw new users but for search results as well (Amazon indexes the title of the apps).
  • Descriptions: Use the area destined to short and long descriptions to let potential users know what your app provides, the features that make it unique, and other important information.
  • Product Feature Bullet: Only found in the Amazon App Store, this option requires you to provide three to five main features that will be shown on the apps’ page. You should use these carefully to showcase the best features of your app.
  • Creatives: Creatives involves any type of image or multimedia linked to your app. The first thing everyone notices is your icon, therefore take some time to A/B test your icon and discover what adapts best.

Google Play Store vs Amazon App Store

​The contrast between the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store is not that dramatic. However, it is noticeable depending on which device you are using the store. 

​For many developers, both platforms are a great source to get new potential users. Therefore, no matter which store you use, make sure you apply the best ASO practices. By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure your app’s success in spite of the vicious competition.



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