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iPad Air 2020 And Apple’s Amazing Brilliant Tablet Accessory

Predictions say that a new iPad Air will be released later this year, and a new rumor says that a completely new, Magic Keyboard accessory will also be launched.

The Leak

The news about the new Apple products was leaked by Twitter user @L0vetodream, a reputable leaker with a serious record. Here is one of their latest tweets:

The tweet sounds arguably vague, indeed, but if you take a look at the user’s past tweets, you’ll see that it’s just their style of posting leaks.

The current Magic Keyboard is available in two dimensions – one for the 11 inches iPad Pro (first and second generations) and one for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro (third and fourth generation).

Is It Worth It?

The Magic Keyboard is amazing! The keys travel like they do on a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, and are very pleasant to touch.

Also, the keyboard has an adjustable backlight so you can easily type in the dark.

Also, the simple connection to the tablet makes it very convenient to use.

However, those features are currently only available for Pro users. An iteration of the Magic Keyboard for other Apple tablets would be welcome.

The iPad mini is arguably too small for a keyboard, but the iPad Air is a perfect candidate!

You might have noticed that the present iPad Air and iPad models have nearly-identical sized casings, so similar that the present Smart Keyboards folio works for both of them.

Therefore, a question rises – Will the Magic Keyboard fit both, too? We don’t know that for the moment, but we are sure that leakers will let us know soon!



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