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New Leak Showcases ‘iPhone 12’ With Smaller TrueDepth Notch and Other Changes

A couple of images revealed by renowned Apple leaker Jon Prosser this weekend showcases what seems to be schematic drawings of the upcoming iPhone 12 smartphone. The upper section of the device has a TrueDepth sensor ‘notch’ that is significantly smaller than existing designs.

One picture looks to be a capture of a CAD drawing resembling those seen in previous Apple leaks from collaborating manufacturers. The second image, believed to have been created based on data provided by the original schematic, features a more detailed view of the next-generation smartphone’s design with a focus called ‘notch.’

Both images showcase a TrueDepth setup that is definitely more compact than networks found in flagships iPhones since the iPhone X was released back in 2017.

The supposed iPhone 12 illustration depicting smaller TrueDepth notch. [Image: Jon Prosser]
The module design in the leaked schematics shows significant updates to Apple’s original layout. In particular, the earpiece speaker has been relocated, now to be found above TrueDepth, in the bezel, which frees up space in the notch and surrounding area.

More Changes

Current iPhone devices with Face ID have the speaker between significant components, with the system’s main projector and front-facing full-color camera placed to the right, and infrared flood illuminator and an infrared camera located to the left.

The allegedly new setup shows iPhone 12’s speaker directly above stacked ambient light and proximity sensors, which have also been moved to the inner side of the phone, in order to have a more central location. TrueDepth’s sending and receiving element packs, also known as ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet,’ were also moved toward the center.

TrueDepth might also be reduced in height, but such changes are challenging to confirm with no accurate measurements. A possible decrease in the notch size has also been discussed by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicted last year in July that Apple will switch to smaller front-facing cameras.

There were also speculations about complete removal of the notch in September when reports suggested that Apple was developing prototypes that showcased TrueDepth’s packages into the upper bezel of the phone.



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