The mobile version of Mario Kart launched today

Nintendo’s famous racing game series finally arrives on mobile: Mario Kart Tour was launched Wednesday morning for iOS and Android devices.

Offered free of charge, the app allows players to get behind the wheel by playing iconic characters like Toad, Donkey Kong and Bowser, and control them with one finger.

A subscription for $5.99 per month gives you access to more items, exclusive challenges and 200cc mode, where vehicles are faster. This rate is also the same as the Apple Arcade video game service, which gives access to a catalog of over a hundred games.

It is also possible to buy micro-transaction rubies, the virtual currency of the game, which can unlock cars and characters with a system of loot boxes.

Mario Kart Tour integrates several circuits of the series, but also new tracks whose landscape is inspired by real cities from all over the world. The circuits are offered in rotation and change every two weeks. The first inspired city track is New York, which will be playable until October 9th.

We play the game holding the phone upright, as is the case for all other mobile versions of popular Nintendo games, such as Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes . Just slide your finger horizontally to steer the car and tap on the screen to use objects.

Although Mario Kart Tour gives us the impression of facing real human beings online at the beginning of races, it is for the moment only possible to play against the computer. An online mode will be added in a later update.

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