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2021 iPhone 13 – Apple Switches To USB-C?

We’ve heard some flashy rumors that Apple might remove the charging port entirely from the iPhone 13 to move towards a wireless future, which is also why we keep hearing that the iPhone 12 lineup won’t ship with EarPods to promote AirPods sales.

Thankfully, a recent report suggests that Apple won’t be ditching a physical charging port for the iPhone 13 lineup. The new smartphones will replace the Lightning connectors that we are so used to with USB-C standardized connectors.

The Connector Provider

A report from Economic Daily claims that Longwell, a Taiwanese company, will supply USB-C connectors to Apple for a range of products, including the new iPhone lineup.

If the report turns out right, it is big news, especially because Longwell is only second to Sumitomo, a Japanese company that is Apple’s biggest provider of USB-C connectors.

If Apple’s primary suppliers are responsible for providing USB-C connectors, it’s clear that it is marching toward a USB-C era.

Estimates say that Longwell is expected to win 30% of Apple’s orders, thus registering a revenue growth for the next year.

Purpose Of The Connectors

The USB-C connectors will also be used in new iPad Pro models, and possibly for the iPad Air 4, which will supposedly use a type C connector.

Past rumors from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple might altogether remove the charging port.

The suggestion was unsettling because of Kuo’s outstanding track record of predicting Apple’s plans.

There are plenty of reasons why you should be skeptical, but at the same time, we wouldn’t be surprised to see one of Apple’s models ship without a charging port.

There are some advantages when it comes to wireless charging that is hard to overcome, which is why we suggest that it would be better to stay tuned until we receive more certain updates.



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