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Google Play Movies & TV Will Add Ad-Based Streaming

Google Play Movies & TV might not get the well-deserved attention due to other popular streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. But such a thing is about to change with Google’s latest updates.

It is said that those changes will make Google excel in the streaming field and offer great content. How much will the announced major updates enhance users’ experience? Also, what to expect in terms of video quality and movie titles?

Google Play Movies & TV Prepares For an Ad-Based Streaming Variant

Google Play Movies & TV is not resembling the competitors such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. Google’s service is not a subscription-based streaming platform. Netflix and Amazon request some monthly fees for all the categories of movies available in a particular country. One could enjoy whatever they desire from a list of hundreds of films. But, the choice of what to view is offered in a single monthly subscription fee, unlike Google.

Google Play Movies & TV charges a one-time fee for a specific movie title to purchase it or rent it. Such a thing, however, annoyed users and troubled their experience. As for the SD and HD quality, users have to pay again. The HD streaming quality is the best, but not in this case. Paying more for such a feature should be changed, as users stated.

Google Play Movies & TV To Improve Even More in the Future

As a result of Google’s service fee options, other services rule the movie domain. Netflix, for example, reached approximately 1.2 billion dollars back in 2019. According to the statistics, Netlfix is the the leader in the movie streaming business.

And the numbers won’t stop here for Netflix. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are forced to stay a lot indoors. Online streaming became people’s favorite activity. Google could be the right time to enhance its Google Play Movies & TV service and offer users what they want.



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