Opera Mini Browser Beta 47.0.2254.146432 Update is Available

Opera Mini is a liter version of the renowned web browser that provides users with the possibility to use the Internet even if their connection is poor or are located in a place with a weaker Internet network.

The web browser is doing a great job at saving data, blocking ads, and offers users the option to download videos from almost any social media platform.

Opera Mini’s Main Features

Here are some of the most features worth to mention of the web browser.

• Saves Data – With Opera Mini, you can save approximately 90 percent of your data and browse in a more rapid manner, even on poor connections. This is made possible by the browser’s compression modes.

• Fast and Easy Offline File Sharing – You can send and receive files securely, even if you are not connected to the Internet. Users can share music, images, videos, and other types of files with a decent speed – up to 300 MP per second. To transfer content in Opera Mini, scan the QR code showed in the web browse.

• Ad Blocking – Opera Mini packs a default ad blocker that allows users to browse without having to face some annoying ads.

• Personalized News With Opera Mini, you can stay up to date with the latest news, which is tailored to your preferences.

• Smarter Downloads – Opera Mini allows users to download files in the background and stalls the process if the connection happens to break, resuming it when the connection is back. The browser will display a notification when the downloads complete. You can either tap on the notification to see the file or head to the folders in your device.

Opera Mini comes with a number of other impressive features, such as a tab gallery that allows users to open multiple files at once, night mode, and the option to save their favorite websites. It also enables you to sync the browser on all devices and switch up the search engine.

Opera Mini Browser Beta 47.0.2254.146432 Update

Opera Mini developers are releasing regular updates for the app in order to keep it fresh and interesting for users all over the world. The latest release, Opera Mini browser beta 47.0.2254.146432 update, is meant for those who registered in the beta program conducted by the developers. The update brings various stability and performance fixes to the browser.

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