Google Play Services 20.12.16 Update Available with New Fixes

Throughout the years, Google has received several Android updates that have improved the experience for users, bring changes that ranged from minor new features to the introduction of major changes in the case of big version updates.

One of the biggest changes took place in 2012 when the Google Play services app was introduced. Many users may have observed the app when they were browsing the list of installed apps. Some were confused by the fact that there is no option to launch or remove the app, especially since there are no descriptions related to the functionality.

Google Play services is not an app in the traditional sense, as it is a fusion between a background service and a collection of APIs which should be active at all time on your Android smartphone. Developers can use the tools offered by Google to implement a rich number of features that work in conjunction with Google Play services and other related APIs.

For example, the Google Play Game services are used by many developers so that their games can offer several features, among which we can count multiplayer modes, achievements, and leaderboards that can make the experience more interesting. As the name may infer, the Saved Game API can save and sync your progress by using Google Cloud.

There are also several apps that use the Google Maps Android  API to allow access to maps offered by the standard version of the app without the need to launch it. One good example is represented by apps offered by delivery services, which allow you to pinpoint your address in an interactive manner.

Google Mobile Ads is also an essential tool for developers as it allows them to monetize apps and games by displaying in-app advertisements.

Since the app is an essential part of the OS, it receives constant updates. The latest one, 20.12.16, comes with new bug fixes.

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